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Stage 1 Math Diagnostic

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Imagine you are arriving to our shores in NYC for the first time. What better place to start your SHSAT NYC adventure than at Ellis Island? Your goal for this first stage is to gain your SHSAT NYC Adventure certificate to advance to the other stages where you can unlock secret new ranks as you learn more.

In order to complete stage 1, you will review the new SHSAT math test format and learn several strategies to succeed at SHSAT math. At the end, you will diagnose your starting skills on an official SHSAT math practice exam. From there you can advance to stage 2 and begin you core math lessons while charting a path along a pizza adventure through all five boroughs of NYC. Yummy! What is your favorite pizza joint in the city? Don’t forget to exercise along the way by stopping at each specialized high school to take a practice exam at stage 3. This is one place to build experience points. If you get lost, be sure to reference any of the 120 video lessons and practice exercises in the math toolbox. Are you ready? Let’s find out.

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