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The SHSATAcademy Advantage


Join the growing list of hundreds of students we help each year. It’s the best quality and value in SHSAT prep.

MATERIALS - Included

Annual or monthly access to practice exams, exercises, reports, and SHSATAcademy course curricula for under $50. Everything you need to self-study online and offline to ace the SHSAT.


Need extra help? Access a regular schedule of live online tutoring classes and let us help you design and monitor your course progress.

How to Measure Quality

Finding the best test prep option can be a difficult decision and the most important criteria, quality, is often the hardest to measure. 

The ultimate resource for the SHSAT

SHSATAcademy Math

  • The BIG SECRET to SHSAT math
  • Tips to getting a perfect math score
  • How to analyze SHSAT (and SAT) math problems
  • Methods to solve math problems
  • Start to train your abstract brain
  • 7-step math path
  • Gain familiarity with math
  • Diagnose common mistakes
  • Lessons – 100+ video tutorials
  • Exercises – 1,000s problems
  • Exams – several real SHSATs
  • Reports – save your scores

Learn the SHSAT and SAT test design


  • Tips to get a perfect ELA score
  • The BIG SECRET to SHSAT reading
  • Why walkthroughs, not stale explanations
  • Content vs. time issues
  • Understanding the exam design
  • Recognize the traps
  • Find your best reading strategy
  • Reading vs. edit-revise passages
  • Edit-revise unique question types
  • Methods to organize sentences
  • Key language rules for the exam
  • Extensive grammar lessons toolbox
  • ELA exercises, exams, and more
  • Beyond to the PSAT and SAT

Quality and Quantity of Practice Material

Practice Exams, Exercises, Reports

When you subscribe for under $50 annually or $20 monthly, you gain access to the largest repository of SHSAT content available: real SHSAT exams, thousands of practice problems, timed and graded reports etc. It is like getting the quantity of several test prep books in one. More important than quantity, you gain access to unparalleled quality features. For example, we have expanded our answer explanations to include a more detailed analysis of right and wrong answers, typical test traps, different approaches to each problem including the fastest to help students learn to take advantage of the test design for the SHSAT and its big brother, the SAT. If you think all answer explanations are alike, then you don’t really understand the exam. We will help teach you how to succeed on standardized exams.

Largest Repository of Lessons Organized into SHSAT Courses

Hundreds of Lessons Provide Complete Coverage in Math and ELA

The first key to success is to make sure you learn and master the subject material covered on the SHSAT exam. Our lessons cover the complete common core in ELA and math to make sure every student has the chance to learn all the grammar rules, understand the various math theorems, recognize the writing techniques and execute each for exam level problems. Contrast that with test prep books that cannot possibly provide much substantive lesson material or with traditional tutoring, which charges an arm and a leg for the lessons required. We have organized this repository of lessons into complete math and ELA courses to help you study more thoroughly and efficiently. If you bring the effort, we provide the material as part of your annual subscription.

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