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Level Price  
SAT Premium Subscriber $8.99 per Month. Select
SAT/PSAT Elite Tutoring $249.99 per Month. Select
SHSATAcademy Monthly $24.99 per Month. Select
SHSATAcademy Pro $59.99 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
SHSAT/BCA Tutoring Program $250.00 per Month. Select
BCA Annual Subscription $59.99 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.
BCA Monthly Subscription $24.99 per Month. Select
BCA Admission Tutoring Course $250.00 every 0 Months. Select
SHSAT Free Short Course Free.
Membership expires after 3 Months.

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The ultimate resource for SHSAT preparation and the only material designed to start 6th to 9th graders on the path to the SAT at the same time. Includes hundreds of lessons and videos, thousands of related exercise problems, and several real SHSAT practice exams.


The widest reaching SAT service includes numerous top SAT content sources including recent actual SAT and PSAT exams with complete answer explanations. Designed with a unique focus on teaching students and their coaches to better analyze and correct mistakes. Don’t settle for less and don’t overpay for something else.


One on one and small group tutoring classes are available for the SAT, Regents exams, and the SHSAT at affordable rates. Contact us for more details.

Simply want to say thank you for your wonderful service.

My son was accepted to Stuyvesant High School in NYC. I am homeschooling my son with little financial resources. So when preparation for the SHSAT came up, I found myself unable to afford some of these very expensive tutoring schools. In turn, you can imagine how happy I was when I came across your site. Not only was it affordable but it was just what we were looking for; ample inventory of practice and drills! I know that TestPrep was an important component in my son’s preparation for the SHSAT. I will definitely recommend TestPrep and spread the word to other parents.

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