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Why Us?

Ask Ollie the Owl

We know there are several tutoring options out there to choose from. Why choose TestPrepSHSAT for your SHSAT and other tutoring needs?


For starters, we deliver the highest admission rates in the industry and have been doing so since we opened our online doors in 2014. In fact, we challenge any firm to provide consistently better admission results. Give us the same quality candidate, and we will deliver equal or better results than any firm. Our small team of Ivy League and equivalent partners seek to maximize your child’s growth, regardless of the starting point. 

It is our mission to provide a value alternative for top quality tutoring. Each of our experienced, dedicated instructors has sat in your seat and grappled with the desire to give his/her child the best opportunity versus the reality of high tutoring costs in NYC. Value is part of our mission. It is one reason we are a virtual-only alternative. We seriously doubt that one firm can teach your student the Pythagorean Theorem much better or worse than any other. Both will get you to the finish line. We don’t see the logic of paying the price tag for a Ferrari to drive around in a Honda. Absent the brick and mortar costs, which account for over half of most firms’ operating costs, we offer a substantially better value alternative with the same quality and margins. You should be paying for education, not our high rent costs. New Yorkers pride themselves on getting the best quality at the most favorable prices. We hope you agree. Let us help your child study smarter.

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