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“A full SHSAT study course for about the price of one hour with a tutor!”

What makes TestPrepSHSAT.com unique?


Similar content & material that tutors use for 10-12 week courses and charge up to $2,000 to provide.

  • SHSAT and TJHSST format practice exams
  • Over 2 dozen challenging math & verbal SHSAT practice exams
  • Practice Drills
    • Randomized, Timed, and Graded
    • Hundreds of math problems designed to improve mastery of numbers
    • Reviews fundamental concepts used over and over throughout the exam
    • One of a kind Scrambled Paragraph practice drills tool
    • Logical Reasoning Drills
  • Classroom Instruction Units
    • Online instruction units for each verbal exam category
    • Scrambled Paragraphs, Logical Reasoning, Reading, and Essays (TJHSST only)
    • Instruction Units for most every math topic covered on the exam
    • Units separated into topic categories that take only minutes to complete
    • Units include video tutorials to keep students engaged and focused 
    • The most comprehensive online classroom – eclipses any test prep book
    • Closer to the topic based instruction provided by many tutors

All New Subscriber Course

Previously only available to tutoring students. This course curriculum integrates 3 sources for learning and 60+ math skill exams to get you ready in every skill area for the SHSAT exam. A great program to study with a group or on your own.

Course overview


Answer Explanations

Video tutorials provide a rich, classroom feel to learning as well as certain human nuances about the material that cannot be taught in a book. The method is proven to raise  student retention levels. You will find these tutorials throughout our Classroom instruction units and practice exam answer explanations. We provide coverage of many of the hardest problems as well as samples from across almost every math topic covered on the exam.

In addition, we provide written answer explanations for every problem. They tend to be more visually engaging than most books and are designed to address different approaches to solving the types of problems students will confront on the exam rather than providing a dry recipe to follow. Our goal is to teach your student better ways to succeed in the exam.

Learn how to take the test

Anyone who has taken the SHSAT exam appreciates that there is an easy way and a hard way to solve most problems and there is little leeway for exploring a lengthy approach to the solution. That is why our explanations of answers do not often read like static recipes and our test taking tips are not limited to suggestions about eliminating answers to improve your chances. We attempt to explore the decision points a student encounters when he or she takes the test and must decide how to approach solving each problem. 

Following is an actual example explanation provided by another service for an SHSAT ratio problem.

x = (110/100)·(21/33) = 70/100

It is correct, but lacking in educational insight. Many students may be left wondering how did they get from a complex fraction multiplication to 70/100? …through a lot of lengthy calculations. Obviously, the author of this answer explanation never had to sit and take the exam without a calculator under the stress and circumstances that will present themselves to your young student.

Do I make the long calculation or is there a better way? We at TestPrepSHSAT.com believe there is often a better way and this problem, for example, could have been solved almost instantly by a smart estimate that should be less than 10% greater than 2/3  which is very close to 21/33. That only leaves the correct answer 0.70 or 70/100. Alternatively, rather than do multiplication and long division, it is easier to reduce the fraction, 21/33 to 7/11 and cancel the factor 11 (110 = 11 x 10) in the numerator with the 11 in the denominator. The result is 70/100 without any drawn out calculation…a detail the answer explanation above skipped over entirely. It is our goal to teach students how to use these methods. While far from perfect, we believe we offer insights into certain problem solving approaches others often do not.

Exam Proctoring, Grading, & Detailed Reports

Every online exam aside from certain classroom related practice exams are proctored, timed, and graded for you.

    • No need to track the time on your own
    • No need to drive to a tutor’s location or have another person oversee the timing and grading functions

Detailed Reports provide many features not available from a tutor or a testprep book

  • Skills By Category reports allow you to track your performance by topic category across all the exams you take. Do you need work on word problems? Perhaps probability problems are your weak point?
  • ExamGrading Reports include
    • Your Grade plus the distribution of all grades along the bell curve
    • Incorrect Answers separated for easy future review or to try a second time before reviewing answer explanations
    • Written answer explanations provided for every question
    • Link to Q&A Wall directly from each answer explanation in your grade report
    • Numerous video tutorials provided for every exam
  •  Overview & History Reports provide an overview of your queued exams as well as your progress through all the exams you take. See your improvement or even view each exam grade report in detail again.

Extensive online classroooms

The most comprehensive online instruction units dwarf the lessons available from test preparation books. Our units cover most every topic area and are modeled after what you might expect from a tutor’s instruction. See Content for more details.

Practice Drills

Math practice drills are not about offering more “practice exam” problems to work out. This a unique section not available from books and almost always not provided by tutors, but it should be. It is designed to work on the fundamental math skills confronted in this exam in a time compressed format. Think of it as your personal drill sergeant!

How quickly do you make calculations in your head like 16 squared or 2 to the 10th power? Do you know how to convert units quickly? Would you know that a 25% increase in speed for a time-distance-rate problem translates into a 20% time savings? How practiced are you at basics and how much have you memorized? Do you know your formulas well and the background information that might be essential like what months have 31 days and when is the next leap year? Do you have a solid backing in definitions to know the difference between integers and whole numbers or whether zero is even or 1 is a prime? We could go on, but you get the idea.

The SHSAT is a time pressured exam without a calculator and the more comfortable and confident you are going into the exam, the better your chances will be to succeed. Practice drills will cover the basics and get you working faster and with more confidence!

Scrambled Paragraph drills are provided in a unique, new visual way which allows students to see the context of the whole paragraph real time as they adjust the order. Better awareness and more practice are sure to make you better at this tricky verbal section.

Practice drills are also available for verbal logical reasoning problems. We believe the more content and variation you see, the less likely you are to be surprised when you take the actual exam.

Interactive : Q&A Wall

Still don’t quite understand a question or answer explanation? Have a question? Or just want to comment on a problem to see what others are thinking?

That is where the Q&A Wall is designed to help. Every answer explanation connects directly to that exam section on the Q&A Wall where students can ask questions or make comments in a blog or forum like environment. Your comments could be general or problem specific and any members in the community or often times our tutors will provide replies. 

We believe there should be an option in between the polar extremes of a test prep book that provides no opportunity for asking questions or no interactive learning and a tutor where the privilege of asking questions costs over $1,000. We cannot guarantee we will answer every question or in the time frame you expect, but we will certainly try our best to make your learning experience better.

Sample OurAnswer ExplanationHGLT

Customer Service

Find you need support for some material in your book? Need to make a complaint or offer a suggestion? Good luck! That just does not exist if you buy a test prep book.

You will always have the option to submit an online ticket for support. We will address them in the order they are received and strive to respond to your concerns as quickly as possible. Although it is not possible to offer the hand-holding, face to face service of a tutor at 20-40 times the price, we do consider you the priority and want to help improve your experience. If at any time during your free trial period you are unhappy with the product, then feel free to cancel for a full refund. We stand by our product and believe you will find it one the best values available to you in preparing for this very important and sometimes intimidating admissions exam.

“To me, asking questions about math solutions was worth many times more than the price of the subscription.”

“The new subscriber course is the best! This is a must have for the SHSAT.”

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