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Frequently Asked Questions

The SAT Math HUMAN platform is a unique training tool for the SAT Math section that incorporates numerous sources, including multiple recent SAT math exams, the college board exams, and our own challenging content to provide real time training focused on your strengths and weaknesses in an intuitive interface that allows you to track your results and optimize your training. 

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SHSAT Academy Pro is an online training platform for the math and ELA sections of the SHSAT exam. Our focus is start with an enormous repository of quality questions, mix in your results, and then provide real time data and analytics to help your student study more time and cost effectively.

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TestPrepSHSAT.com provides a free trial period with every subscription. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason cancel within the first 5 days and receive a full refund.** We want you to be comfortable proceeding at your own pace and without risk because we truly believe TestPrepSHSAT.com is the best value for many students intent on preparing for the SHSAT exam. In addition, we offer a limited number of Free Level exams available on an unlimited basis.

**The free trial period does not apply within two weeks of any testing date.

You can purchase the service from your member accounts page if you are a registered user or feel free to follow the Get Started button on any of the main pages to purchase the plan of your choosing. You will be redirected to PayPal for secure payment by credit card or with your PayPal account including features like Bill Me Later. Afterward you will have the option to be redirected back to TestPrepSHSAT.com at which point you will be notified that you are leaving the security of PayPal’s site and returning to general internet browsing.

Each paid membership plan includes access to all areas of the site except special live classroom tutorials. Pricing plans vary from monthly to annual (the best value) and cost a few bucks more than a test prep book or about the cost of a single session with a tutor.

Absolutely not. Even though you must click the PayPal button to be redirected to secure payment via PayPal you will then be able to pay by credit card or any various options provided by PayPal. The only restriction is for recurring plans like Monthly or Quarterly where a PayPal account will be required.

Feel free to cancel at anytime from your Member Account page. It is that easy and if you have a recurring plan feel free to enjoy the service for the remainder of your service period. We are confident you will find TestPrepSHSAT.com one of the highest quality, most comprehensive preparation programs offered for the SHSAT exam.

Under the home page menu there is a link to Contact Us where you can submit online tickets to discuss any questions or possible concerns you may have. In addition, we have recently added phone support during business hours. We strongly suggest you call or text for more immediate response.

As you know, with few exceptions, entrance into the specialized high schools is based entirely on your exam results. It is a competitive process and the admissions rate is often below 20%. It is a simple fact that most students will not gain entrance.

That said, we enjoy a success rate far above the average. Our median subscriber score is above the lowest SHS cut-off which means over 50% of subscribers are scoring well enough to gain entry into a specialized high school. Even better, our acceptance rate for Tutoring Level students is approximately 3 out of 4. Our hope is that any student anywhere will have the opportunity to prepare adequately for the exam without having to spend several hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Although the website is designed to work on most any device including tablets and smart phones, it is best you study and take tests at a desk using a PC or laptop with ample screen size and high bandwidth access to the internet. Like any test or study course you will want to take notes and be comfortable and focused while working.

The service is tested on recent versions of Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but is not limited to those browsers. It is optimized for Google Chrome so we recommend you utilize the most recent version for best performance.

Yes. You are provided with a single user login and you will be able to select the Username and Password. We suggest you select a strong password and an anonymous username. Parents are welcome to use the same login and track their student’s progress. 

Membership entitles a single user access to our website.

To the extent you contribute in the question and answer forums or essay sections of the website, we ask that you respect all other parties. It is against the rules to curse or intimidate any other online member and that will be cause for immediate cancellation of your membership without refund in addition to any other remedies applicable under law. Everyone, regardless of background and skill level, participates on the site with a positive effort to improve their performance on the exam. Please keep that in mind and help make it a positive learning experience for all.

Most often a simple refresh of your browser will override your local browser caching and permit access to our dynamic exam pages. If that is insufficient, try clearing your browser cache or log out and log back in and you should see the member pages.

Your Membership Account page is now located below the main menu item Home>Membership Account

It is easy and quick to reset your password if you follow the directions below. We have recently updated and simplified the password reset option.

Navigate to your Member Accounts page from the main menu Home>Membership Accounts. Click the blue link to Change Password. Scroll down your profile page to Account Management. Type your new password in the New Password input box shown and repeat the exercise in the Repeat Password input box. Scroll down and select Update Profile at the bottom of the page and you will receive a notice that your Profile is Changed. Your new password will be active. See screenshots below.

There is a help section available from your student dashboard with numerous video examples to help you get started. If you want additional support, please make sure to Contact Us. We’re here to help.

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