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It’s a No Brainer!

In addition to prep books and tutoring classes, millions of college-bound students sign up to practice for the SAT with the College-Board-Khan Academy online platform. Why is the platform the most popular and often primary choice for SAT test-takers? Simple. It offers an affordable prep option with many benefits, including real-time grading and records of official practice exams with lesson related content.

Now, there is TestPrepSHSAT Academy Pro for the SHSAT exam, an affordable SHSAT prep option for a $25 one-time fee. 

For starters, Academy Pro offers real-time grading and reporting of official SHSAT exam results and an extensive repository of other more challenging questions. It combines math and ELA lessons with the ability to train on specific topics. Our robust data set and AI modules help us deliver unparalleled analytics. Most students respond to our feature set with words like, “Cool!” Academy Pro helps students and parents identify and improve their SHSAT weaknesses. At $25, why wouldn’t Academy Pro be the first resource you seek for SHSAT prep? 

Witness a new tutoring student learning how to get more out of the Academy Pro platform.

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