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We believe there are a few key steps to any successful exam preparation. Our platform is designed to train you on each.

  1. Get to know the exam design.
  2. Get to know all the material (theorems & rules) covered on the exam.
  3. Make sure you learn what questions will be asked.
  4. Practice, practice, practice.

There are literally thousands of official questions. Happy studies!


    • Over 20 SHSAT Full-Length Math & ELA Practice Exams (timed, graded, answer explanations & detailed performance reports)
    • Thousands of questions, dozens of reading passages.
    • Practice by Passage or by Topic (fill in your knowledge gaps with short, category focused exams--arguably the best way to prep)
    • Quickly zero in on your weak areas (students, parents, and tutors can easily track student progress in more detail)
    • All questions & category exercises link directly to related video lessons to help you learn the concepts you need to know.
    • The only thing not included in this package is the live tutoring. 
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One-time annual fee ($24.99)

Try it risk free for 5-days. Cancel for any reason if you are not satisfied. No questions asked.


We have updated our interface to be more friendly and interactive. For example, navigate to the ELA page and begin working on a full timed 90-minute exam or a series of 10-minute single passage exercises for Reading or Revise-Edit ELA sections. It's easy! Just begin practice and immediately see your performance scores improve on the front page. 





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