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The SHSATAcademy Advantage


Join the growing list of hundreds of students we help each year. It’s the best quality and value in SHSAT prep.

MATERIALS - Inlcuded

Annual or monthly access to practice exams, exercises, reports, and SHSATAcademy course curricula. Everything you need to self-study online and offline to ace the SHSAT.


Need extra help? Access a regular schedule of live online tutoring classes and let us help you design and monitor your course progress. Compare options.

How to Measure Quality

Finding the best test prep option can be a difficult decision and the most important criteria, quality, is often the hardest to measure. 

We Help You Get Started and Get Ready

SHSATAcademy Learning Advantage Program

Not sure where to begin? Intimidated by the thought of doing it yourself? We can help there as well. Let us organize and update your course program for you as you progress. Much like the proven Kumon math and reading programs, we will be there to answer questions, provide essential tutoring, and help your student learn to self-study. Moreover, we track his or her progress, provide regular updates to parents, and make sure students stick to the program. 


Work Smarter. Study Smarter.

Experience. Proven Results.

A great self-study platform like SHSATAcademy is the best value only if you use it. Our experience helping over 2,000 students get ready for the SHSAT has helped us build an essential program around the SHSATAcademy material to keep students motivated and help them stick to their personal programs. It isn’t as simple as starting at the beginning and progressing to the end. Each student is different. Every student needs help along the way. 

Studying in Small Groups is More Effective

Small Group Classes Throughout the Week When You Need It.

Why waste time struggling through work on your own? Studying in small groups is more effective and more fun. We provide regularly scheduled online classes with our expert tutors to help answer your questions and teach your student what he or she needs to learn. Our goal is to maximize your potential for success on the SHSAT and, perhaps even more importantly, the similar future college admission exams.

Sample Weekly Class Schedule:

Monday 7-8 PM

Tuesday 4-5 PM

Thursday 7-8 PM

Saturday 4-5 PM

Sunday 10-11 AM

Varies based on demand

Your Learning Advantage Program

SHSATAcademy Learning Advantage Program

  • Modeled after the successful Kumon math and reading programs
  • We assess each student and structure an individual study plan.
  • Our instructors are available to guide students throughout
  • Ask questions anytime or join online classes and review sessions
  • Parents stay abreast of their student’s progress.
  • Make the most of your subscription
  • Let us help you study more effectively
  • We enable students to reach their potential and self-learn
  • Build a foundation for college admission exams, not just the SHSAT
  • Beneficial for students & cost-effective for parents, only $50-100 monthly.
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