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Stage 6 9th Grade

May the force be with you. These challenging problems, covering various topics like probability, sequences, and geometry, will require a Jedi to overcome.

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Stage 1 – BCA Math

Imagine you are arriving to our shores for the first time. What better place to start your adventure than at the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island, a symbol of enlightenment? Your goal for this required first stage is to…

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Stage 7 Problem Sets

This course section includes ten problem sets, each with 40 shorter questions, designed to expose students to various strangely versed word problems. It is a great way to quickly practice your ability to translate math questions into useful equations.

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Stage 3 Edit-Revise

Did you know New York’s second-largest museum (560,000 square feet) is in Brooklyn, not Manhattan? The Brooklyn Museum is home to 1.5 million works, including paintings by Georgia O’Keeffe and John Singer Sargent, as well as one of the world’s…

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Stage 2 ELA – Reading

Does the "A" in ELA stand for Arts? There is no better city in the world to study the arts. And there is no better SHSAT reading course in the city. In this course, you will learn how to beat…

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Stage 4 Math Exams

Let's take a virtual tour of the best high schools in NYC and practice what we learned with a full-length, new format SHSAT math exam at each location. Each stop includes a practice exam, which must be completed to get…

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Stage 8 Math Adventure

Let's undertake a quick tour of the five boroughs and review the different math topics covered on the SHSAT while enjoying the best pizza in NYC along the way. Students will improve their familiarity with SHSAT numbers to make calculations…

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