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SHSAT Full-Length Math Exams

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Let’s take some official full-length practice exams or our more challenging exams. Now you are on the clock. To be exact, you have a time limit of 150% of the 90-minute regulation time if you need it, but you must complete the test in one sitting. If you get stuck on any problems, don’t forget to consult the 7 step math path for helpful clues. Feel free to print PDF copies of each exam  to work offline, but don’t forget to enter your results online (feel free to use a smartphone) to keep track of your performance and scores. Most importantly, don’t forget to review your results. Every test provides a quick way to track all your answers by various metrics (question category, difficulty, etc.), drill down into each explanation, and link to related lessons or added exercises. We make it easy for you to learn from your mistakes as you go, so please, take advantage.

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