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Unlock the SAT while preparing for your SHSAT


All new! Our SHSAT course gives 6th-9th graders everywhere a head start on the SAT.

SHSAT Tutoring
SHSAT Tutoring

Train the right way for the SHSAT for as little as $50 monthly.

SAT Tutoring
SAT Tutoring

An elite score is within your grasp. Learn the SAT test design. March classes now open.

Regents Tutoring
Regents Tutoring

Ace the Regents algebra, trigonometry, and geometry exams. March classes open for as little as $100.

The ultimate resource for the SHSAT

SHSATAcademy Math

  • The BIG SECRET to SHSAT math
  • Tips to getting a perfect math score
  • How to analyze SHSAT (and SAT) math problems
  • Methods to solve math problems
  • Start to train your abstract brain
  • 7-step math path
  • Gain familiarity with math
  • Diagnose common mistakes
  • Lessons – 100+ video tutorials
  • Exercises – 1,000s problems
  • Exams – several real SHSATs
  • Reports – save your scores

Learn the SHSAT and SAT test design


  • Tips to getting a perfect ELA score
  • The BIG SECRET to SHSAT reading
  • Why walkthroughs, not stale explanations
  • Content vs. time issues
  • Understanding the exam design
  • Recognize the traps
  • Find your best reading strategy
  • Reading vs. edit-revise passages
  • Edit-revise unique question types
  • Methods to organize sentences
  • Key language rules for the exam
  • Extensive grammar lessons toolbox
  • ELA exercises, exams, and more
  • Beyond to the PSAT and SAT

It’s like Kumon for the SHSAT

SHSATAcademy Learning Advantage Program

  • Modeled after the successful Kumon math and reading programs
  • We assess each student and structure an individual study plan.
  • Our instructors are available to guide students throughout
  • Ask questions anytime or join online classes and review sessions
  • Parents stay abreast of their student’s progress.
  • Make the most of your subscription
  • Let us help you study more effectively
  • We enable students to reach their potential and self-learn
  • Build a foundation for college admission exams, not just the SHSAT
  • Beneficial for students and cost-effective for parents at $50 monthly.
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