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Unlock your potential from the SHSAT to the SAT


The best opportunity in SHSAT prep for only $25 annually! Our course will teach 6th-9th graders everywhere how to ace the SHSAT and get a head start on the SAT.

SHSAT Tutoring
SHSAT Tutoring

Summer Classes begin now! Take virtual classes with our expert tutors and train the right way for the SHSAT for as little as $75 monthly.

SAT Tutoring
SAT Tutoring

An elite score is within your grasp. Learn the SAT test design. Spring and summer classes now open. We had a record number of full scorers for Spring 2018!

Regents Tutoring
Regents Tutoring

Ace the NYS Regents algebra, trigonometry, and geometry exams. Free practice. Tutoring for as little as $100.

Math Category Results
Category % Correct
Word Problem Categories:
Ratios/Proportions: 92
Word Problems-Algebra: 57
Probability/Counting: 61
-Probability 52
-Combinations/Permutations 72
-Counting (Overlapping) Sets 60
Number Line/Measurement: 100
Non-Word Problem Categories:
Numbers & Operations: 88
-Percentages 95
-Exponents 79
-Integers/Scientific Notation/Decimals 91
-Common Denominators 88
Algebra Equations/Functions/Ineqaulties: 75
-Functions 79
-Solve Equations 72
-Inequalities 72
Factors/Multiples/Primes: 83
-Other Factors 89
Geometry: 44
-Perimeter/Area/Volume 56
-Angles 30
-Coordinate Plane 40
ELA Category Results
Category % Correct
Revise/Edit Standalone: 86
-Comma Rules 68
-Precise Language 100
-Run-ons/Fragments/Transitions 93
-Verb Tense 98
-Misplaced Modifiers 79
-Other Punctuation 95
Revise/Edit Passages: 75
-Best Accomplishes Goal/Add-Replace 70
-Follow On Sentences 85
-Sentence Combinations/Transitions 72
-Order Sentences/Irrelevant 68
-Concise/Precise Language 78
Reading Section: 65
-Main Idea 66
-Inference-Speculation 56
-Inference-Deduction/Extended Reasoning 66
-Inference-Examination of Views 70
-Little Picture/Detail 80
-Function 45
-Words In Context 50
-Tone-Attitude 80
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