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Ask Ollie the Owl.
Ask Ollie the Owl

Full-Length Math Exams: (more info)
Exams (90min)    Answers     Score
2024 Math A         Results       N/a
2024 Math B         Results       N/a
2023 Math A         Results       N/a
2023 Math B         Results      N/a
2022 Math A         Results    
2021 Math A         Results       
2020 Math A         Results       N/a
2020 Math B         Results       N/a

Exams (90min)    Answers     Score
2019 Math A         Results       N/a
2019 Math B         Results       N/a
2015 Math A         Results       N/a
2015 Math B         Results      N/a
2013 Math A         Results       N/a
2013 Math B         Results       N/a
2011 Math A         Results       N/a
2011 Math B         Results       N/a

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* All math exams are official & relevant


Avg = nan

Ratios/Proportions: (~10 min. each)

Numbers & Operations: (~10 min. each)

Number Lines/Coordinates: (~10 min. each)


Over 1,000 additional problems in the topic practice exercises. Make sure to begin with strong fundamentals. HINT: The Ratios/Proportions category alone can represent up to 1/3 of the exam. Combine Probability, Percentages, and Number Line problems; half the exam depends on one ability. You cannot ace the math exam without doing well here, and you can likely gain the easiest score improvement by getting extremely good at these categories.

There is no calculator on the exam. You will have to boost your mental math skills and learn the basics well: PEMDAS, Associative/Commutative/Distributive properties, number types, the metric system, dividing by fractions, and more. Work hard. Work consistently. Good fortune!

Advanced Math Topics: 

Avg = nan

Algebra: (~10 min. each)

Geometry: (~10 min. each)

Factors, Multiples & Primes: (~10 min. each)

2. Practice the topics. (Timed) 1. Know the theory. 3. Review questions.
Factors/Multiples/Divisibility  150% Time Required Lessons Answer Table
LCM/GCF 150% Time Required Lessons Answer Table

Central Tendency: (~10 min. each)

Combinatorics & Set Counts: (~10 min. each)


Good algebra skills (evaluating and simplifying expressions and solving related equations and inequalities) as well as knowledge of geometry are traditional hallmarks of high scoring students. No Surprise. Each accounts for 10-15% of the exam. Get a head start on these advanced topics.


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