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SHSAT Academy Pro: How do I take my first exam?

Welcome to SHSAT Academy Pro How to Take an Exam. This lesson is designed to teach students how to get started with their 1st ELA diagnostic exam from the dashboard landing page after they log in. The ELA diagnostic exam isn’t timed, so chew on it as you proceed. You can finish over several sittings. When you advance to other official full-length practice exams, you will be timed at 150% of the 90 minute regulation time. 

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:00 – I just signed up. What now?
00:38 – Diagnostic Exam Page
01:22 – Start the Exam
01:57 – Answer Explanations & Lesson Links
02:27 – Edit-Revise Part B
03:57 – Reading Section
06:57 – Leave the Exam – Return Another Time
07:38 – Submit Exam
07:56 – Understanding Your Grade Report
09:20 – Filter Your Results – Drill Down to Details
10:34 – Analysis of Results is Where You Learn
11:14 – Back to the Dashboard After the Test
12:18 – Initial Category Results

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