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SHSAT Academy Pro: Dashboard Overview

2023-2024 ELA Ebook

Welcome to the SHSAT Academy Pro Dashboard Overview. This lesson is designed to teach students how to get around their dashboard landing page after they log in. First, many new students may wish to take their math or ELA diagnostic exam. It isn’t timed, so chew on it as you proceed. You can finish over several sittings. There are three basic dashboard sections:

1) New activities, including exams; rapid category exercises (our favorite); or lessons and strategy

2) Exam performance charts and tables

3) Category results and drill down details so you can identify your weaknesses and learn from your mistakes. 

Table of Contents:

00:00 – Introduction
00:02 – Dashboard – 3 Parts
00:23 – TOP : Activities To Do
01:54 – MIDDLE : Performance Review
03:05 – BOTTOM : Category Analysis
03:36 – ELA Dashboard
03:54 – Drill Down to Review Questions
05:01 – Focus Your Review & Improve
06:06 – ELA Drill Down
08:40 – Beast Mode

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