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      • Premium Package:
      • SHSAT Self-Study Curriculum
      • Lessons & Exercises
      • All Practice Exams,
      • 1,000s of problems
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SHSATAcademy Pro

    • more than just 1,000+ questions, 20+ full exams
    • more than a self-study curriculum
    • track your progress and identify your weaknesses
Free Short Course
  • Free Limited Access
  • Summary Math Lessons 
  • Test Strategies
  • Official SHSAT Practice Exams
  • No credit card required
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Summer/Fall/Annual SHSAT Tutoring Courses
      • Ready to become a top performer?
      • SHSAT Math & ELA Tutoring
      • Includes SHSATAcademy Online
      • Live Virtual Classroom
      • Experienced Instructors
      • Small Group Classes (8-10)
      • Flexible Schedules
      • Proven Success
      • *Admission Guarantee
Our Commitment to you
      • We don’t try to maximize
      • your child’s prep hours
      • and your dollar spend
      • like other test prep firms.
      • Our mission is to give you
      • options and build your trust
      • with better cost and time
      • effective solutions.
      • We even guarantee it.
One on One Hourly Tutoring
AS LOW AS $50/Hour
      • Need extra help?
      • Close personal attention
      • On focused topics
      • Access to top SHSAT instructors
      • without leaving home
      • for much less than $150/hr

SHSATAcademy Virtual Classroom Tutoring

See why all the major college admission programs provide online tutoring options and why high school admission programs are following our lead: it’s successful, flexible, convenient, and works beyond the limits of a physical class.

What are the success rates for the online course?

Like most anything else, what you get out of our course will depend on what you are willing to put in. The exclusively exam based admission rates for Stuyvesant and other specialized high schools are approximately 5% and 20% respectively. Many of the more successful (and expensive) tutors including the city’s own 22 month test prep program achieved admission rates ranging from 41% to 51%. Over 50% of students who completed our full online course achieve scores in excess of the admissions cut-off scores year after year. That’s right! Students who completed our online course increased their chances for admission several times and more of our hard working students who spent under $100 (sometimes under $1,000 with tutoring) to prepare for their exam outperformed the student sitting next to them who spent $4,000 and upward at a tutor.

My son was accepted to Stuyvesant High School in NYC. I am homeschooling my son with little financial resources. So when preparation for the SHSAT came up, I found myself unable to afford some of these very expensive tutoring schools. In turn, you can imagine how happy I was when I came across your site. Not only was it affordable but it was just what we were looking for: ample inventory of practice and drills! I know that TestPrep was an important component in my son’s preparation for the SHSAT. I will definitely recommend TestPrep and spread the word to other parents.

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