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Einstein Circle

Ever since the ancient Persians began measuring the daily changes of earth in their 360 day year (degrees) or mathematicians measured how many times a circle’s radius went around the circumference (radians), angles have played a critical role in geometry. Angles underpin many other concepts so this lesson tests your mastery of acute, obtuse, right, complementary, supplementary angles and much more. Angles are a measure of rotation that are also commonly confronted on geometry problems on the exam. Make certain to understand the basic concept and categories of angles as well some of the fundamental theorems covered on the exam. 

  1. Opposing vertical angles are congruent.
  2. Angles along a line sum to 180o.
  3. Alternate interior angles are congruent.
  4. The sum of interior angles of a polygon is 180o for a triangle and 360o for a quadrilateral or 180o(n – 2) degrees for any n sided polygon.


Worksheet - Angles

  • Required Skill Test
  • 10 Random Questions
  • No time limit
  • 80% correct required to Pass Skill
  • Exit and return to test (answer choices recorded)
  • Answered questions green/unread questions white.


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