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Your key to SAT/PSAT success!


Proven, affordable SHSAT prep.


Ace Regents algebra, trig, and geometry.


Expert advice as low as $25 per hour

Our commitment to you: 

Admissions Guarantee

We are so confident our SHSAT curriculum will help you that we provide a guarantee to any students who complete our course. Take the SHSAT exam. If you do not gain admission to any specialized high school, we will refund all online course fees and 50% of any tutoring course that starts after 7/1/2019. Others talk about their success or years of experience.

We stand behind it.

The 2019 SHSATAcademy Online

An extraordinary SHSAT test prep option for less than one hour with a tutor.

Success & Value

Our best clients are smart consumers who know they have options other than paying nearly $5,000 and committing their child to 100+ hours of test prep. For example, they reject any curriculum that devotes 24 hours to grammar, which accounts for only 3 out of 114 exam questions. It’s an absurd waste of time and money. We prefer to build trust directly based on sensible, affordable options that deliver the results you desire.

Welcome to the SHSAT NYC Adventure.BienvenidoLearn the SHSAT while venturing throughout NYC.Can you find the best pizza in the five boroughs?Join us for fun and adventure...and SHSAT training of course!
Enroll All $24.99/mo.

Stage 1 Math – Statue of Liberty

Math strategies & initial diagnostic

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Stage 2 Math Adventure

15 lessons on core SHSAT Math.

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Enroll All $24.99/mo.

Stage 3 – Math Exams & HS Tour

18 full-length SHSAT practice exams

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Enroll All $24.99/mo.

Stage 4 – Math Toolbox

100+ math lessons, 10 chapters

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SHSAT Tutoring

Self-study is more fun and more compelling than ever with our new 2019 SHSATAcademy online program. For only a few dollars per month or less than $100 from summer to fall, many students get all the training they need for success. However, if you want more personal attention and require tutoring assistance, we can help with sensible, affordable options that don’t always begin with you paying nearly $5,000 and committing your child to 100+ hours of class time. There are usually better alternatives. Call us for a free consultation to learn more.

  1. One popular option that offers flexibility and builds trust over time is to sign up for hourly tutoring class bundles to supplement your online course. Our starter package includes 3 months SHSATAcademy subscription access and 4 live classes to review 4 SHSAT practice exams. This is a fantastic way for students to enhance their online course and improve their understanding in focused areas for the lowest expenditure. 
  2. On the other hand, if you want a more traditional tutoring program with regularly scheduled classes 2-3 times per week, you can always enroll in our SHSAT Tutoring Program. Our virtual small group classes provide students and parents flexibility, ease of access, and among the highest admission rates for any tutor in NYC. That’s right! Your virtual class will be taught by experienced SAT and SHSAT instructors who themselves are 99th percentile scorers from top universities like Harvard or M.I.T. As always, we provide risk free cancellation and, now, our admission guarantee too. 
  3. If you want “one on one” tutoring, we can help for a small fraction of the cost. Our hourly rates can be as low as $50. 
Enroll All $24.99/mo.

Stage 1 ELA – Statue of Liberty

ELA introduction & initial diagnostic

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Stage 2 ELA – Reading

Must learn SHSAT reading lessons

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Stage 3 ELA – Edit-Revise

Edit-Revise ELA lessons

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Stage 4 ELA Exams

ELA Practice Exams

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The 2019 SHSATAcademy is unlike anything else.

The SHSATAcademy® online platform offers the most extensive resource for SHSAT practice material, including thousands of questions and over one dozen complete practice exams with official examples. Even more importantly, SHSATAcademy® is designed to help you better track and learn from your mistakes. The real learning occurs after you take the practice exam—not just when you get your score. Moreover, our courses are structured as adventure courses to make SHSAT prep fun—at least as much as possible. At only a few dollars monthly, the interactive self-study platform is accessible to most any student, anywhere, and it includes our admission guarantee.

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