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Yes, that is correct!


We can track your student’s results down to detailed categories for every exam section in real time and show parents or teachers the effort the student is putting in and the progress each child is making.

Ask your tutor how your student is doing in geometry, probability, grammar… 

and chances are you will get a blank stare or vague answers. Ask for more details. What are my child’s particular problem areas–not just algebra or reading? Is it angle theorems, basic combinatorics, sentence combinations, or some other areas? Please show me the details, so I can have confidence you are targeting the right areas. Remind them you paid hundreds or even well over a thousand dollars for them to identify and correct your child’s problem areas. Why can’t most tutors provide this information? It is because they don’t have it.

CHALLENGE: Ask your tutor to identify your child’s problem areas and present evidence. It’s a simple question. See what replies you get.

  1. Blank stare.
  2. Um…well..we don’t have that information. At least they are honest.
  3. Good, no, pretty good, maybe could improve. I am kind of guessing because I teach 20+ students.
  4. You don’t need that. I have done this for 20 years. If I say it with confidence I must be an expert and it must be true.

If you confront the latter, run. No matter how much of an expert you think you may be talking to, no matter how slick their answer seems, that person is telling you less information about your child will be better than more information. They are full of a four-letter word.

Many of you will not try out this fun test, but remember, you are spending your hard earned money. You have a right to ask.

Instead, come back and we will provide that information about your child for only a little more than the cost of a book. You have the power to track your own child as well or better than anyone.

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