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SHSAT Tutoring Comparison
Kweller Prep
Princeton Review
Khan's Tutorial
Weekly Class Time 4-6 hours 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours 4 hours
Class Size 12 12 20+ 20+ -
Experienced Instructors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price (Aug-Oct) $250 $2000+ $1199+ $2299+ $1000+
Individual Tutoring $25-50/hr - $167/hr $190/hr -

August 20-August 29 (10-day Bootcamp $500)

9 AM – 12 PM every day for 10 days. $500 for the package perfect for private and charter school students and others looking to get the most out of SHSAT test preparation during the last few days of summer before school begins.

Elite Prep – The Quality Challenge

One of your main concerns independent of price should be quality of instruction. Our results have consistently been among the best. Why? The flexibility of our approach gives us access to low costs and tutors from anywhere, which is why our tutors are generally perfect scorers on standardized exams and attend universities like Harvard and M.I.T. They are experienced in the SHSAT exam, most importantly the changes in the exam this year. Many other tutors have not adjusted, and a quick review of their services reveals the shortcoming. Some tutors claim they deliver the best admission rates. This is a dubious claim at best, nearly impossible to reliably measure. Because the SHSAT is an exam given to middle school students, it is not the most challenging for many tutoring firms. There is a good chance most firms can reliably train your student to get ready. So why are their services so expensive?

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