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Observe how others take the exam/Jump start your SAT test taking skills:

Have you ever wondered, for example, how test takers successfully complete an SAT reading exam without reading any of the passages at the beginning? Few people have ever been able to observe how other test takers approach the SAT exam until now. Become one of our SAT students and see for yourself. Learn a wide range of strategies appropriate for students at various skill levels, including yours. 

In addition, begin to diagnose mistakes you did not even know you were making. We will incorporate our proprietary process analysis to help each tutoring student analyze his/her own results because the information gained from studying your process is even more valuable than simply reviewing answer explanations. Let us help you. Class sizes range from 4-6 students.

Additional questions? Do you wish to access top quality one on one SAT tutoring for $50 per hour? Contact us at (917) 789-8834.

Reading Strategy #2: Don’t Read the Passage 1st – Answer Reading Test Questions 1st

Score 39/40

00:09 – Where to Start
01:36 – Skip Passage
02:00 – Q#15 Starting Question Words in Context
02:59 – Q#18 Words in Context
03:28 – Q#19 Graph Analysis
04:12 – No line citations
05:04 – Q#14 Inference Deduction
06:50 – Q#16 & 17 Best Evidence Pair
09:52 – Q#20 Graph Analysis
11:57 – Q#13 Function
12:49 – Q#11 Big Picture
14:42 – Q#12 Best Evidence

Notice how the student does not proceed in order. The reading strategy to work directly from questions results in a process that focuses on finding evidence for every answer, and this student is rapidly evaluating evidence while using techniques to quickly find relevant text. Have you ever wondered why the other “guy” who is no smarter than you achieves a higher SAT score? See first hand for yourself when you enroll in our tutoring course.

The student answered B instead of the correct answer C. No tutor could look at the answers alone and assess that the student failed to follow their process or that the student failed to identify the transition in the big picture simply because well placed keywords in the paragraph were designed to throw students off. If you feel like you have learned the material but are stuck, let us help you analyze your SAT results in a unique, new way within a small class of 4-6 students.

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