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Your key to SAT/PSAT success!


Proven, affordable SHSAT prep.


Ace Regents algebra, trig, and geometry.


Expert advice as low as $25 per hour

How SATExchange®  Works

Start with the Best SAT Sources

  • Access recent actual SAT and PSAT exams with complete answer explanations.
  • Official Practice Exams
  • Specialized SAT & PSAT Books
  • Imagine all these sources housed in one platform for comparison and analysis!
  • SATExchange® is growing every day.

Record Your Practice Exam Results

  • We time and grade exams from many of the sources you use.
  • Anywhere you are online, on your computer or smartphone
  • Print the exams or use your book.
  • Get organized. Track your progress for only a few dollars per month.

Answer Explanations

Error Analysis Tool

Lesson Links

Exam Hints

Cross Exam(ination)


Learn the SAT Design – Unparalleled Lessons & Analysis

  • A full suite of tools designed to teach you the SAT, not just answer explanations.
  • Introductory video lessons get you up to speed on SAT subject material & exam design in only a few hours
  • Self Analysis Tool teaches you the most important SAT success skill—how to analyze and correct your mistakes

unique focus on helping you analyze and record the reasons for your mistakes
track and correct your mistakes in a way no other prep service can

  • Link directly from each mistake (or guessed answer) to related lessons & additional question examples

easily access additional lessons to understand errors that result from gaps in your subject knowledge
every repetitive question in the last year of SAT exams is organized for you to access interactively

  • Track questions by difficulty and category across all exams from the same source

have you ever wanted to see only the difficult questions from all the exams?
have you ever wanted to review one category of questions across all exams?

  • Our video/audio answer explanations are unlike any other.

easy to access and use
includes discussion of different approaches to each solution
provides the best methods to solve

Flexible, Personal Tutoring Options

  • Complement your training with small group virtual classes (6 student maximum).
  • Proprietary methods focus on identifying & correcting individual process errors.

diagnose ways to improve  your approach to different questions
interpret what different questions are asking
identify alternative solution strategies
analyze the reasons for errors and correct your mistakes
manage your time more effectively

  • Flexible schedule & location
  • 99th percentile tutors
  • As low as $25-$50 per hour

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