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Welcome to the SHSATAcademy math course. Students frequently make some of the following mistakes in elementary math and pre-algebra. These common errors often develop into bad habits that can make algebra more frustrating. As a result, it can be extremely helpful for the exam and future progress in math to overcome these mistakes early in the course.

Math Familiarity - Diagnose Common Mistakes

40 questions

Up to 60 minutes

1 point per correct answer (40 max.) 0 point deduction for incorrect answers.
Do not Submit exam until complete (Next to advance one question)

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This quiz must be completed in 60 minutes.

Familiarity With Math – Diagnose Typical Mistakes

The following exercise forms a useful fundamental skill diagnostic — perhaps a more effective diagnosis than most SHSAT diagnostic exams you will ever take. SHSAT exam problems combine different skills with weird language, so it is often difficult to assess particular skill or content shortcomings from one exam result alone. The source of the problem is not always clear. Many so-called diagnostic exams are merely benchmarks providing a snapshot of your current overall exam score. On the other hand, the following exercises are designed to reveal particular weaknesses in fundamental math skills. The questions cover a range of focused topics where students make typical math mistakes. Complete these exercises, review your results, and learn to avoid many of the typical traps.

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