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Stage 2-Official SAT/PSAT Math Category Practice

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The Best Way to Learn the SAT:

The following course provides one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective ways to learn the Math exam section.

  • Practice more often in short segments: 10 question exercises.
  • All progress saved if interrupted. Return to finish anytime.
  • Become an expert in each topic more quickly.
  • Easily compare different question formats within each topic
  • Every answer links to related lessons & worksheets
  • Every question format includes tips and tricks.
  • Performance reports track your results & drill down into question details.
  • Each question in the course includes our proprietary answer explanations
    • Several solution methods provided for every applicable question.
    • Saves time and easy to understand
      • Unique, user friendly answer analysis written like a student or tutor
      • Instead of long video lessons that total hours you don’t have
      • Instead of formal, unfriendly written explanations
      • Color coded reports with presentations to facilitate quick, easy review

Getting Started:

Feel free to review explanations as you test yourself or resume any partially complete exercise at a later date without losing your progress. Do not, however, attempt to run two exercises at once. If you complete an exercise, simply refresh the browser to continue another exercise in the same topic, but if another exercise is open, those questions will appear instead, perhaps unexpectedly. As you correctly answer all the questions in a lesson, you will see only the remaining questions until there are ultimately less than 10 questions. Mark the lesson complete at the end, and monitor your category scores as we track all your results. 

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