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Did you enjoy your SHSAT—and SAT—reading lessons?

We tried to put together a free subset of lessons that can make a significant impact on SHSAT performance for many students—lessons you are not likely to get from any book and perhaps not even from many high-priced tutors. Did you learn anything new?


If so, please contribute $25 to our annual membership. It is only through your generosity that we are able to continue to offer valuable, free options to any and every student who seeks quality preparation. 

Basic Reading Process

If you have followed the lessons up to this point, you have learned three key techniques to zero in on the single correct SHSAT reading answer. 

  1. Identify the answer option that restates or demonstrates the relevant text in the passage. Avoid even subtle interpretations that may seem obvious but are not specifically supported by the text.
  2. Find three wrong answers and learn to identify typical categories of incorrect answer options.
  3. Predict answers in your own words first to avoid being confused by the SHSAT language.

Each is a powerful tool by itself but taken together these three techniques can form the basis of a strong, basic methodology to answer standardized reading exam questions. On some problems, one technique may prevail, and in another question one of the other techniques may prove more useful. Applying all three techniques to each and every problem will help students identify the correct answer for most every SHSAT reading question. Much like solving math problems by different techniques and using each as a check against the other, trained test takers will learn to use two or three of these reading techniques to find and check each answer in the reading section. 

If you like the lessons and the detailed format of the answer walkthroughs up to this point, consider subscribing for $25 to access additional lessons, access more practice exams and exercises, learn new reading strategies, and keep track of your work among other benefits. We are confident it will be the best investment you make in your child.

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