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    1. Study hard. It is hard to mention specifics in your case without results to review; however, you will want to gain a mastery of the material and practice a variety of the problems – hundreds or thousands – before your exam. Both are important. Students who take practice exams without fully learning and mastering the material are going to hit a ceiling and have limited upside, while those who know the material from class yet take few practice exams are bound to be surprised. I suggest you subscribe to the premium course to make sure you can take the courses to master the material and then dozens of practice exams to get a large number of problems under your belt.

  1. I’ve been trying to find conversion rates and charts to find your scaled score, but all that has come up are charts for fifty questions, not fifty -seven. Has someone found a way find your scaled score? Thank you in advance!

    1. There is a historical conversion chart on the Free Exams page. The latest 57 question 2017-2018 SHSAT Handbook exams do have scaled scores presented in your grade report, but that is an estimate based on the historical curve, so be cautious. There is not yet data to develop the new raw score to scaled score chart, which may change given the exam changes. It is possible the same % correct result will translate into a lower scaled score. While the charts are great and all, we suggest focusing on task-based goals to improve your score. Just keep in mind you will need 2 out of 3 questions correct to get into an SHS and more like 85% to get into Stuyvesant.

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