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SHSAT 2018-2019 Student Handbook ELA Exam B

  • The calendar year 2018 SHSAT ELA Exams have changed the format again. Revise-Edit questions have been reduced from 20 to 9 questions. Reading now includes 48 questions with figures and related questions and longer non-fiction literary passages—much like the SAT. Additionally, reading includes poetry, much like the ACT or ACTAspire exams. The single Revise-Edit passage is a repeat in this handbook exam versus last year. The reading passages are new.
  • This exam is timed and graded. You will see your raw score, % score, scaled score, and detailed category results including regular answer explanations for each question.
  • Subscribe before the exam to save and collect your results for all future reports. All subscriptions include a risk-free trial period. Subscribe now.
  • 57 questions / 90 minutes/ 1 point per correct answer (57 max.) / 0 point deduction

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