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SHSAT 2018-2019 Student Handbook ELA Exam B

  • The calendar year 2018 SHSAT ELA Exams have changed the format again. Revise-Edit questions have been reduced from 20 to 9 questions. Reading now includes 48 questions with figures and related questions and longer non-fiction literary passages—much like the SAT. Additionally, reading includes poetry, much like the ACT or ACTAspire exams. The single Revise-Edit passage is a repeat in this handbook exam versus last year. The reading passages are new.
  • This exam is timed and graded. You will see your raw score, % score, scaled score, and detailed category results including regular answer explanations for each question.
  • Subscribe before the exam to save and collect your results for all future reports. All subscriptions include a risk-free trial period. Subscribe now.
  • 57 questions / 90 minutes/ 1 point per correct answer (57 max.) / 0 point deduction
  • See if you qualify for SHSAT tutoring from M.I.T. or Ivy League graduates for the reduced rates. Links will be provided to qualified candidates in the grade report. Make sure to complete the exam to the best of your ability to qualify.

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