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Summer Champions League Q&A

Please make certain to identify the exam (e.g. Math A) and question number if you want a timely, accurate reply.

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    1. I appreciate your enthusiasm to improve your score! You are only allowed to take one math and one verbal exam. The system will restrict you from taking math twice. The verbal exam begins this evening. Good luck!

  1. I’m sorry that I’m posting here but I’m desperate for an answer and you wouldn’t reply to my post on any other Q&A.

    I’m applying for TJHSST in Fairfax County, Northern Virginia next year. What I’m finding most hard on the website are the Scrambled Paragraphs. Some of them are just right, and some are extremely hard for me. My question is, will the Scrambled Paragraph questions on the application exam be of the same difficulty? If so, please make more instruction units and example videos for them because I’ve watched your current videos, but they’re still really difficult for me to do.

  2. avikrao,

    First, my apologies for not replying on another post as I did not see it, but I do now see you posted a couple days back.

    Great comments! I think to some degree everyone has the same concerns. Our goal is to get you over-prepared rather than miss the other way which is why many of our paragraphs are more challenging. The risk is that it causes discomfort among students so let me try to put your mind at ease somewhat. The actual exam should be on the easier side of the spectrum so you should be pleasantly surprised. That said, this is no guarantee so do not take your preparation too lightly going forward. We do break out the paras that students find easy based on their results as well as intermediate and difficult starting this season. We probably will add to the easier group. That is an excellent suggestion, but it takes a little time because some paras we think are easy students struggle with so we need to develop a history for all our scrambled paras especially if we categorize them as easy.

    The second reality is that scrambled paras are typically considered the hardest section of the exam. They are certainly the least objective. Yes there are many rules of grammar and tips about logical structure that should be learned to improve, but at the end of the day it is more subjective than say math. Most good students have a higher confidence in general of acing the math or reasoning section than scrambled paras as a result. However, if you can garner a 3 out of 5 on this section you will be in good shape to do do extremely well on the total exam and certainly more than well enough to make the semi-finals round for TJHSST. So if this a weak area or causes some unrest, I would not get too concerned. You are not alone. Don’t let it distract from completing your studies in the other sections where you have more confidence. Besides you may surprise yourself. You can always enroll in the verbal course if you want some extra interactive practice and tips in regards to the scrambled paras.

    1. Thanks for replying. If I say, get all of the scrambled paragraphs wrong, what are my chances of still making it into the school?

      1. Scrambled paragraphs account for about 10% of your raw score, but it is scaled scores that really matter. It is difficult to put a probability on it, but you can certainly assess your required break even scores in different scenarios. Also the school choice makes a difference. This question is actually a good SHSAT math problem for you to solve. The first cut-off scaled score is close to 480. If you assume you scored 240 on the math exam and then got zero on scrambled paragraphs you would have to get about 80% correct in logical reasoning and reading to get to the cut-off. If, on the other hand, you were perfect in math and got a 360 scaled score and got zero scrambled paragraphs correct then you could still answer under 25% of the reading and logical reasoning questions correctly and still meet your cut-off score. That is a wide range depending on how you do in math.

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