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TestPrepSHSAT Advantages:

  1. SHSAT Word Problem Wednesdays – Live online tutoring class to┬áreview SHSAT level word problems. Available to annual subscribers at no added cost.
  2. Get more useful information out of every exam you take – Detailed reports permit you to track your performance and drill down into the details. Answer walkthroughs do not just provide answer explanations to help students who already know the correct answer. We provide explanations of each wrong answer, review different approaches to every problem including the best, and we teach you how the exam is designed as well as what material you need to know.

Another great benefit for TestPrepSHSAT annual subscribers! These live weekly classes will help you master arguably the most important skill required for the SHSAT exam. The value of these classes alone is more than the annual subscription fee. Why not subscribe now? Hurry because class space is limited.

Already a TestPrepSHSAT subscriber? Advance to the class schedule or to make sure you are enrolled in Word Problem Wednesday classes.

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