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7th-8th Grade SHSAT Course



The 7th-8th Grade SHSAT Program is designed to prepare students thoroughly for the new format SHSAT exam by introducing exam topics and reinforcing the skills over time. There is a lot of material to cover, especially on the math section, and many students are not introduced to all the algebra and geometry prior to 8th grade. This course will give students of all levels exposure to the material covered on the specialized high school admissions exam.

Tutoring Schedule


The SHSATACADEMY course syllabus organizes the video and written instruction material along with up to 100 practice drills and diagnostic exams for you to follow. It is an excellent complement to the tutoring classes and avoids the need for students to identify “What do I study next?” Our diagnostic exams are not limited to the beginning of the course like other programs. They guarantee objective coverage of all topics and skills covered for the exam. Moreover, they are not hidden in your tutor’s head, but the objective results are available for you to track your student’s online progress like no other physical tutoring course can. Each exam is dynamically generated based on your answers and in order to pass you must demonstrate the ability to correctly answer topic based questions of varying difficulty. All exams within a lesson must be passed to complete the lesson and move forward in the course which means your student will have to demonstrate mastery of all topics on the exam by the time they complete the course. Note all full-length exams are in addition to this syllabus. i.e. the content is different and practice exams can be completed in parallel with the SHSATACADEMY course syllabus.

Math Syllabus Verbal Syllabus
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