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The Mayor has proposed to award up to 20% of all specialized high school seats to the Discovery Program in 2019-2020 and eventually eliminate the SHSAT exam in favor of admission to the top 7% of each NYC middle school class instead.

Are you in favor of the proposed changes to the SHSAT?

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  1. I am definitely opposed. The current exam is based on merit. Those who can pass, do pass. The plan will leave out a lot of qualified candidates and let others in who are not necessarily qualified.

  2. How do rates of offers from SHSAT schools compare to offers from non-SHSAT selective programs? Are the Bards, Beacons, NEST+ms of the world that use interviews, report card grades, etc. getting substantially different demographic results? Are application rates the same among all the types of selective schools?

  3. This defeats the whole purpose of having “specialized” high schools to begin with, which is to give SMARTER students more of a challenge, and to churn out super geniuses who are the future of the nation. Dumbing down all schools deprives the smart ones of that chance, and only sets up the less smart ones for failure and misery.

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